Champions League Betting - Main Features

Champions League Betting – Main Features

The Champions League is an integral part of the life of dedicated football fans and in the world of betting, Champions League has a huge market share. All over the planet look forward to matches in this tournament. Therefore, we will also talk about what the Champions League is, as well as betting on it.

Brief History

The tournament itself was founded in 1955. This is an international tournament organized by the Union of European Football Associations (UEFA). The competition in the Champions League is led by teams that have taken the highest places in the top divisions of their country. Each country has a quota for the number of participants per season.

In fact, the Champions League is the most prestigious club football tournament on the continent, in which the strongest teams participate. It is because of the status of the tournament and the struggle of teams from different countries that the tournament is so popular.

Features of Champions League Betting

Any tournament, even regardless of the sport, has its own format and features. What is important to know when betting on the Champions League?

Winning and Advancing to the Next Round is Different

In the bookmaker’s line, there are bets on the winner of the match and advancement to the next stage – these are different bets. As we have already noted, matches against the same opponent are played on the home field and someone else’s. In qualifying and playoffs, there are often situations when the winner could not be identified by the sum of two legs. Therefore, extra time will be played, and there may also be a penalty shoot-out. When betting on the outcome, you make an assumption of how the regular time of the match will end. 

Betting on Favourites is Efficient in Qualifiers

Bets on the favourite take place only in the qualifying round. The closer to the final, the more equal the rivals are, which means that the line between the favourite and the outsider is becoming more and more blurred.

Number of Goals

According to statistics, all matches, together with the qualifying round, are played with an average total of 2.8 goals. Of course, the first stage of the tournament plays an important role here, because here the difference in the class of teams often differs significantly.

What You Should Consider When Betting on the Champions League?

We have repeatedly said that the more prestigious the tournament, the more difficult it is to analyze. This means that you need to pay attention to a large number of factors. And when betting on the Champions League, everything should be taken into account. 

Of the main points that will influence the choice of a bet when analyzing an event, we note a few that have their own characteristics in this tournament.

Weather Conditions

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As for the field, it can be natural and artificial. Even to this factor, the players need to adapt. Due to the fact that the meetings are played in different countries, the weather conditions in each are different. Somewhere it’s too hot, somewhere it’s cold, on the contrary, someone has high humidity, etc. This means that many people need to go through an acclimatization period, which is not always possible with a heavy schedule.

Tournament Schedule

Even the top clubs with comprehensive rosters don’t always manage to do a full rotation of the roster so that each of the important players can rest for a sufficient amount of time. As a result, even despite the importance of the tournament, some teams cannot approach this or that game in the Champions League in the right conditions.

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