Betting on Underdog - Table Tennis Strategy

Betting on Underdog – Table Tennis Strategy

Table tennis betting has become increasingly popular in recent years. The absence of an off-season as such makes this sport even more attractive. In the following article, we will note one of the strategies on which you can really make money, even without a proper analytical base.

How Does the Strategy Work?

The essence of the strategy is already voiced in the very name of the strategy – to bet on the victory of an outsider in the game. Bets are placed on each new game until the outsider wins it. 

For now, let’s figure out why the strategy works and has a place in life. This sport has its own format of matches, and each meeting is rather fleeting. It is these factors that make the strategy work. If you look closely at the matches played, you can see that the favourite of the pair often not only loses one set but even the whole match. Often, a tennis player is forced to play 3-4 matches a day in one game day, and so on for several days. Do you think it is easy to keep the physical condition at the same level? Moreover, before each game was played up to 21 points, and since 2001 only up to 11 points. Due to the transience of the game, it is difficult even for a professional athlete to keep the concentration on 3 games in a row. And according to this strategy, the outsider only needs to win one game.


And yet, you should not rejoice ahead of time and bet on every game. Observe the following guidelines to place clever bets. 

Pay Attention to Odds

Take a coefficient from 1.80 for an outsider to win in a game! In fact, it doesn’t even matter what the odds for an outsider to win will be. You can take even lower, but then the profitability of your bets drops significantly and the risk increases. But the odds for the favourite must be taken into account.

Losing Bets

If you lost 3 bets in a row (the outsider lost 0:3), start a new series with the initial Martingale strategy bet. This is just a recommendation. In fact, if you continue to raise the size of the bet in the next game, you will still win and come out in the black. However, in professional betting, we must adhere to conservative methods, not deliberately increase our risk.

Beware Major Tournaments

If you are not well versed in table tennis and the level of tennis players, beware of betting on major tournaments (World Cup, European Championship, club championships). Sometimes bookmakers throw surprises in the odds arrangement, and surprisingly this happens more often at top competitions. 


In general, this strategy has a number of advantages. Why it works we have described above. If this model is also seasoned with a small amount of analytics, at least a superficial knowledge of the players, then the strategy turns into a model of excellent earnings.

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